Written by Geraldine Smith

About the show

Have you ever read the personal ads and wondered "what if"? Would you dare?

From the writer

For a long time I've felt that I wanted to write - just something! As a child I was quite a prolific writer of short stories, essays and even a brief novel. Somehow, though, as life took over it seemed as though my creative or imaginative writing spark had just got swallowed up. Then I became involved with Collective Unconscious and realised that I needed to set myself a goal if I was to feel that I was really contributing to the full creative process of the group. This short monologue was really a kind of test I set myself - with everyone else's encouragement - to write a piece which could work on stage and then perform it to test that theory. Having achieved that aim I now feel that I can build on this and hopefully develop more scripts in the future.

Geraldine Smith