Adelaide talkfringe, Mar-2008

From the talkfringe website, Mar-08

Reviewers: Various

Moo wrote:

This is brilliant. The play itself is fantastic, with more and more details gradually unfolding about the one character but the performance is what made my arvo. Realistic, scary, thought provoking and sad, all at the same time. Go see it, go now!

neese wrote:

This has been the highlight of my Fringe. Excellent show, riveting, well lit and produced. Loved The Tell Tale Heart rendition.

Chris wrote:

Seen alot this Fringe, and this rates as my favourite monologue.

Great performance, and an incredible script.

Mims wrote:

This was one of those great theatre experiences that was very enjoyable in the moment but also has aspects that keep coming back into my head days after I saw the show.

It was a very powerful performance; more than observing it, I felt it.

The storyline is interesting and intelligent and the interludes of Poe's work are also great (and I say that as someone who is not a great fan of Poe).

I am hoping to get back to see it again.

Nige wrote:

A 2 hour one man show with lots of Edgar Allan Poe quotes - sounds ominously long but it was excellent. The way tehactor was able to flit in and out of multiple characters changing his demeanour and facial expression so that there was no difficulty in identifying the differnt characters was riveting. We thoroughly enjoyed this show and were in awe (again) at the skills and talent involved - great!

visionary_plus wrote:

Struggled to stay awake

Gillian wrote:

a very good message at the end and I thought the actor was just great.

dresden wrote:

very very powerful with just 2 hrs of one man slipping in and out of story to man. it crosses with 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest', edgar allen poe (obviously) and the obsession of identity and power within minds.

Kelly Bickle wrote:

Saw this show in 1998! Utterly amazing, can't wait to see it again.