Emerging From The Collective Unconscious...

Emerging From The Collective Unconscious...

...An Evening of Short Plays

"When the prince leaves a heavy dinner, the banker a fatiguing financial operation, the working man a weary day of toil and go to the theatre, they ask for rest, distraction and amusement, and are in no mood for renewed effort and fresh expenditures of force."

- Composer Richard Wagner in 1849

About the show

Emerging From The Collective Unconscious is a collection of original short plays by members of Collective Unconscious. The name of the show refers both to the fact that the shows are "emerging" from members of the group, and also to the fact that good stories do come out of some common pool of "something" shared by both the artists and the audience.

The shows were written at different times in different ways, and there was no attempt to make them fit into a mold or theme. However, as it turns out, all the plays seem to touch on the need for people to connect with others.

Two of the shows (Fudge and Chastity) are comedies. Nice Eyes and Holding My Breath are more serious in tone (though they are certainly humorous in parts), while Possibilities is somewhere in between. While each play does explore its own themes and ideas, the main reason we wrote and produced these was simply to entertain.

The Plays




Nice Eyes

Holding My Breath

Past seasons

January 2002

August 2001

The Subiaco Theatre Centre (as part of the Western Australian Fringe Festival)

The Blue Room, Perth, Western Australia